HotDeal2u offers hot deals direct to you. Stores offer their products and service businesses offer their services to our customer base with great discounts from scratch and dent furniture…appliances to dental services…home services etc. We seek out the deals that businesses want to move.

All you have to do is indicate in a text or email…listed below “yes please send me a hot deal on (whatever you are looking for or any deal that comes up)” and we will automatically send you any and all deals that come in pertaining to that product or service you are inquiring about. 

Remember all our deals are not ordinary-no coupons-no scams-no fake advertisement.  We do not accept discounts or coupons etc we are looking for “can’t turn it down” deals.

We do not drive you crazy on weaving through some website to find some kind of deal that is not a deal at all. We are real-time texting/emailing direct to you. We give you the information to inquire about the deal direct from the business that is offering. That is it. You can buy or not buy. It is up to you after you review the deal form the business. 

These are some examples of deals you will get…

Floor model, scratch and dent, odd balls, close-outs, business that want to get customers in, new products, or simply a deal of a lifetime just to get customers in the door. They may have time in their schedule to fit another client in or they may have an abundance of product they need to move. Whatever the reason we seek it out and bring it to our customers. This is a free service for our customers. All items are new or floor model.

Please text… 941-249-2600 or email…

“yes! Please send me a hot deal on…….”