About Us


HotMealDeal.com is a free website soon to be an app that allows restaurants and food businesses to offer Hot Meal Deal (s) to customers that use the website/app. 


We differ from other websites/apps that offer coupons and deals that you have to search for-time energy wasted then you realize it is not a deal at all.  Our website/app allows restaurants and the food service industry in a particular area near you the ability to offer a really good deal on their food immediately when they feel a need to do so.  They can offer deals at will to boost the numbers of customers that come in the door.  The deals are most likely limited to a period of time they deem appropriate, mostly for that particular day for lunch dinner etc.  For example, restaurant “A” decides we are slow today and we need customers, therefore we will offer our pizza for a “$1 dollar a slice from 12 to 1 only”.  Bam we get it out there to you and you got yourself a “Hot Meal Deal”. 

 The deals are uploaded every time we get a deal.  We try our best to get the deals in that morning so you can plan, however sometimes the restaurants shoot a deal out of no where, so you need to check when you are hungry!


 Why would the food industry give us these deals?  Well there could be many reasons. They may want to get people in their doors because they are slow, introduce a new restaurant or cuisine, they may want to move product or have you invite your friends who may buy something else.  Either way you win.   



We are all trying to save $ and it is very difficult at times when you are hungry or when you just want to go out and have some fun with friends or a quiet dinner.  Well our mission is to do our best to make this happen at a very low cost to you.  



So if you want lunch or dinner…breakfast or a snack….all you have to do is check out our website/app for any trending deals.  Remember the deals are time sensitive and could be for that day only or specific times and/or for groups of customers etc.  They come and go.  


 Please feel free to check out our categories anytime day or night.  We will continue to update the offers that come in hourly.  


**Keep in mind this is a new service and we are working with restaurants and the food industry to connect with our website/app.  It will take time to grow and get more and more Hot Meal Deal (s).  So please be patient and keep checking.  The more customers that are using our website the more Hot Meal Deal (s) we will get.  

We are doing a test market in Williamsville, NY.  After we perfect our system we will add new areas of service.   

Thank You,